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I'm an author, journalist, dad, teacher and occasionally edgy citizen of the Pacific Edge. Looking forward to the unfolding conversation!

So… what the heck is “Two Trickster Tango” about?

As the long road of production, art-making (Thanks, Doug!), rewriting — and have I mentioned production? — comes to a close, or perhaps a culmination, with the imminent release of the actual book, a lot of people are wondering what … Continue reading

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A Danger Boy “teaser trailer” — lit style

So we are joining the fray of holiday “teaser trailers” here at Danger Boy central. And yes, this marks the first “fray joining” for the “Danger Boy” enterprise in many a moon. But “coming next Christmas,” as they say (with … Continue reading

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Two Trickster Tango Covers — How Do *You* Roll the Dice?

Things are beginning to “quicken” a bit at this end (there may even be some “Danger Boy” news in the works, but I, like you, am in “staying tuned” mode on that front, at the moment). However, things are moving … Continue reading

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Sighting the Trickster

A coyote sighting seems like a good reason to revive this dormant blog. I was out for an evening walk in one of the valley neighborhoods just downslope from Mulholland Drive.  And walking up a windy residential road, there it … Continue reading

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Excerpt from a zombie-work-in-progress

I know I should be promoting the hell out of the “Danger Boy” eBooks — the downloads need to perk up, and have I mentioned we’re always looking for new/fresh user reviews? 😉 But you know, as The Shaggs once … Continue reading

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Meriwether Lewis, by a campfire

so this begins an irregular, yet recurring series of snippets from the various Danger Boy books, as I read them cover-to-cover, back-to-back, for… well, the first time ever (I wrote them over a series of years, of course, but was … Continue reading

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Trailer for “Ancient Fire”

Here’s the “Ancient Fire”-specific trailer, for the first eBook release in the Danger Boy series.   The artwork is by Doug Potter, who’s work you can find here: The book is available on Kindle as we speak, and it’s … Continue reading

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