So… what the heck is “Two Trickster Tango” about?

As the long road of production, art-making (Thanks, Doug!), rewriting — and have I mentioned production? — comes to a close, or perhaps a culmination, with the imminent release of the actual book, a lot of people are wondering what Two Trickster Tango is really about.

Is it, for starters, a graphic novel? Well, no, it’s a novel with graphics. A short novel. And cool graphics.

Okay. But still — what’s it about?

Well, lets have a sneak preview look at the back jacket copy, shall we?

TTTHwdLandWhat if John Steinbeck made a left instead of a right at Monterey, and wound up studying  Kabbalah instead of marine biology with Doc Ricketts?

Or Woody Guthrie wound up in a sweat lodge instead of a hobo camp, when he was riding rails out West?

What if Lon Chaney, in Hollywood’s silent film era, wandered onto the Cowboy-and-Indians set next door, and saw a wolfman who was really both wolf…and man?

Or at least, coyote?

Any of these wrong turns might have resulted in the tale you hold in your hands right now.

DontForgetTrainsIt’s the story of two legendary shape-shifters and boundary-busters — Elijah, of Jewish folk tale and Passover wine fame, and Coyote, of  Native American and tail-on-fire renown — crossing paths in Depression-Era California.

There are strikes brewing, baseball teams forming, outlaws still unrectified and scofflaws newly minted. And moons to be howled at and danced under.

Dancing the Two Trickster Tango.

And they’d love for you to join.

We hope that helps clear things up. Or at least, we hope it leads to the next good round of questions.

We’re gonna be a lot faster answering them, now.




About marklondonwilliams

I'm an author, journalist, dad, teacher and occasionally edgy citizen of the Pacific Edge. Looking forward to the unfolding conversation!
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