The Knackered Noun

A Danger Boy “teaser trailer” — lit style


So we are joining the fray of holiday “teaser trailers” here at Danger Boy central. And yes, this marks the first “fray joining” for the “Danger Boy” enterprise in many a moon.

But “coming next Christmas,” as they say (with a little bit of Chanukkah thrown in):

The light moves around some more, over me, and my two almost-jailers, then tilts up, over the Captain, Twain, and the guests who by now have probably given up on the idea of pretending tonight’s like any other Christmas Eve they’ve ever had.

Everybody squints and shields their eyes.

“Twain? Is that you?” says a voice from the dark.

“Why, with these whiskers I’m Father Christmas,” Twain says. “The two of us are always mistaken, much to my detriment.”

“An answer so dexterous I will take to be ‘yes.’” The voice from the boat gets closer to the ring of light, and there’s a man in a heavy leather coat, with tangled hair over his head and eyes that are a bit shadowy and deep.

Twain leans over and looks at him. “As long as the word you weren’t actually looking for was ‘maladroit?’ But I will take it in the holiday spirit. Though I need to ask — who is asking?”

“Why it’s me,” the tangled haired man says. “Jack London!”

“London?” Twain cocks his head. “Yes! The Gold Rush writer! The man who sends me dog-wolf stories! I see you managed to get some of them published in the magazines.”

“Dog stories?” The Captain shakes his head. “But there are already too many writers on board already.”

Much more coming throughout 2015, compadres. Stay tuned….