Meriwether Lewis, by a campfire

so this begins an irregular, yet recurring series of snippets from the various Danger Boy books, as I read them cover-to-cover, back-to-back, for… well, the first time ever (I wrote them over a series of years, of course, but was mostly immersed with the book du year, as I was writing it…)

Lately, I’ve been combing through #3 in the series, Trail of Bones, where our titular time traveler, Eli Sands, winds up spending a lot of time with the Corps of Discovery, as Lewis & Clark & co. head west to find out just what and who are in these “new” (to European-Americans) territories Jefferson has purchased.

What follows is a fanciful snippet from Meriwether Lewis, in  a conversation he’s having with Eli around a campfire, as the Corps winters with the Mandan Indians:

“There is so much that exists outside ourselves, so much beyond our own experiences or viewpoints … so much life. It’s as if our very bodies, as if every thing, were filled with an unknowable essence, an energy, buzzing all the time, like swarms of bees on the prairies we’ve just crossed, crashing against every other bit of energy in the universe, all making an incoherent whole. Sometimes all of existence overwhelms me, Master Sands.”

Now. Pass the whiskey…


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I'm an author, journalist, dad, and occasionally edgy citizen of the Pacific Edge, sharing the same uncertain times with you. Here's a place for out-loud musing on all that. Feel free to muse back!
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